Critical Information We Tend To Forget

When a human dies and doesn’t know it, that human soul is lost. There will be exceptions to that, naturally, but mostly it’s simple as that. Lost human souls are way-too-common in the Spirit World. Not a good thing for them, and in some ways, even worse for us.

When dealing with the more negative citizens of the Spirit World – the cursed, predators of various sorts, demons, ghosts, dark energies, sundry evil – our first question, is whether or not any lost human souls are in the mix. Lost human souls are the pawns and the prizes in the events stirred by those negative energies.

In other words, many dark events in the spirit world involve the use and abuse of lost human souls.  Most of us, in the living of our lives, have heard, or possibly told, a story about a person who dies unexpectedly, perhaps in an accident or a homicide, or simply, too young to die. These tragedies cause high commotion among the living, and the same happens in the spirit world.

Unexpected death presents a challenge for our soul. Since we aren’t expecting it, we’re not prepared. At the moment of death, it’s possible our conscious awareness is simply not conscious of what just happened. What are a soul’s choices at that moment? For the most part we have two big choices, although it’s never that simple.

First, we can choose what most call the Light. When a soul takes this route, she goes with ancestors and/or other helping spirits to a safe place, for an afterlife review, thus preparing for the next step in the long journey of our souls.

Or second, we can follow the consciousness we died with, without the benefit of the Light. Without guidance souls easily become victim to spirits much better at spirit life than recently dead humans, as well as victim to living practitioners who entrap souls to do their own evil, back in the living world.In our next post, Lost Souls, Part 2, we’ll talk about removing a lost soul that attaches to a living being.


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