Michael Parra Callas

Contrary to our website’s single name, there are many other People, Spirits and Energies to recognize. They do as much, and really a whole lot more than Michael Parra Callas.

Deity and the like attend our altar as appropriate and you’ll recognize who they are specifically in Legacy articles.

Familiars, totems and angels come around, and some live here. Above all some amazing humans have passed through our doors to consult us and to advise us, as well.

Over time a couple of egregores – fabricated spirits – walk with us. You’ll meet them in Myth. articles/stories.

In Diverse articles, we’ll keep it short, but it’ll be a mixed bag, about the same legacy and myth, mixed with some politics and thoughts of the moment.

We committed to building and maintaining this altar over 35 years ago, with no one’s authorization, other than our Creator-given will. The altar graces us with art & spirit, helping a few others along the way.



  • Teach
  • Speak
  • Make Ceremony
  • Promote Art