Make Myth


FROM We're privileged to share this link with our readers. Mexicolore, a serious organization out of the UK, publishes an amazing amount of information on Aztekas and Mayas in formats friendly to anyone: teacher, student, curiosity-seeker. In search of a source for myth, we found Mexicolore beyond adequate. Our thanks to Mexicolore for permission … Continue reading MESOAMERICAN KEYSTONES

Is Bioavailability Spiritual?

Is it Medicine for you? As per Google search, bioavailability refers to “the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body, and so is able to have an active effect.” In other words, it’s about how much medicine/benefit actually reaches our bodies with positive effect. The need … Continue reading Is Bioavailability Spiritual?

What’s The Internal Dialogue?

Why Should I Care? If you’re curious about the “internal dialogue,” you’ve likely been working on meditation and/or focus, or you simply don’t like the thoughts you can’t seem to stop. Meditators, athletes and singers, for instance, deal with abilities tied directly to breathing. When attempting to concentrate on the breathing or with the breathing, … Continue reading What’s The Internal Dialogue?