You Already Know More Than You Think

DNA research proves how right our ancestors were about the actual presence of, well, our ancestors. They are alive and well in our blood, affecting our Earthwalk more than we know.

Alcoholism, physical and mental abuse, poverty, as well as, creativity, healing gifts and long-term beliefs, all live in our blood and influence our lives. No matter what we’re working on, what healing, teaching or ceremony we are involved with, healing the blood always figures into it.

A friend asked me if we did “ancestral healing” at our altar. I explained we “heal the blood” daily, continuously, so in that way, yes, we do ancestral healing all the time. Her question pleased us, no doubt, but it also alerted us to how much ancestral healing, and other soul-related information, is going mainstream, under the banners of both science and spirituality.

In other words, if the topic of ancestors is calling, knowledge is available in several formats and models for your convenience. DNA Science is a powerful factor in awakening our potential, but one doesn’t need to be a scientist, or hire a priest, to reach our ancestors. Your ancestors are right there, in your blood, available for your reflection, exactly 24-7.

Besides that, every one of us, of every race, have ways to honor the dead through our own bloodlines, whether the family is practicing the customs now or not. Just ask an old one, or observe a funeral from your community. You don’t have to know about x and y chromosomes to work on your DNA.  

When the living and the dead flow as they should, everyone benefits. A little attention to our ancestors can make a difference. The Ancestral Hoop that finds its rhythm flourishes, strong and bright – the goal of all bloodlines – in both life and death. And it’s right there, on your finger tips, on the tip of your tongue…ancestors.        


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