Make Art

To be tlamatinime means you make art of your life, in whatever role or circumstance you find yourself. You make art.

Thirty five plus years don’t come cheap. It’s good to leave something before we move on.

Previously, we were and We had a public practice, a blog and offered hemp oil. Now, the times turn our focus to Legacy and Myth. Give us a tasting, please.

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A Contribution of the Fasting Coyote One of our great Aztec Speakers, the Tlatoani Nezahuacoyotl – Fasting Coyote – left Earth, gratefully, prior to the coming of Columbus and Cortez. As a “King,” the word the Conquerors offer, Nezahuacoyotl left much evidence of our Toltec heritage. When the Spanish invaded every “written” thing we had, … Continue reading MESOAMERICAN KEYSTONES:


FROM We’re privileged to share this link with our readers. Mexicolore, a serious organization out of the UK, publishes an amazing amount of information on Aztekas and Mayas in formats friendly to anyone: teacher, student, curiosity-seeker. In search of a source for myth, we found Mexicolore beyond adequate. Our thanks to Mexicolore for permission to … Continue reading MESOAMERICAN KEYSTONES

Are You Called?

As in Helping, Healing or Conjuring? Are you hearing voices, seeing things that may not be there, getting information on others you may not want to know? Are you dealing with aspirations to heal, or perform magic or save the world? Are you experiencing feelings that don’t quite fit in “normal” settings? Do you have … Continue reading Are You Called?