The Sexto Sol, Part 4

“The way is shown, so that the way is not lost”

Dawn of the Sixth Sun reveals the entire Decree of the Sixth Sun, if you want to catch up with what we’ve been discussing. We Call It The Sixth Sun  talks about how the common people are the ones called to create this new Sun. And in The Sixth Sun Burns Now we speak to the importance of awareness regarding these difficult, yet simultaneously, quite promising times. Today, in the fourth article, we look at the story of how the Fifth Sun was created, and some of the creator gods, the “Primary Lords,” that participated in the creation of the Fifth Sun, the Sun now retiring.

This now ending Sun was created by the Primary Lords

Teccuzitezcatl, the Lord who created Moon

During the long night

From the Land of the Dead

The People have resisted 500 years

Scattered by circumstance

Yet from the oldest of Grandfathers

The way is shown, so that the way is not lost.

That’s how Cuahtemoctzin ordered it,

As we have done.

The Stories of the Five Suns of humanity are our story of creation. Each Sun designates a period of human history and the Fifth, of course, is the period we’re completing now. Some compare it to the receding of the Age of Pisces, giving way to the Age of Aquarius. Each Sun had its time over our lives and each period ended in major disaster that eventually opens to a new and better world, a new Sun. Most people around the world who believe in these things have their own way of interpreting all this – new Earth, the Ascension, the Great Awakening –  but I’m very sure we’re all in agreement that we are in that time of disaster/opportunity.  

“Creator gods” is the term we use to describe the characters in the above passage from the Decree. In the times of pyramid building some amazing work was done that we still don’t completely understand. Each creator god has some myth and some truth to their story. Whether these were some of the original angels on earth, or human-like beings from a very advanced planet, or human beings who made gods of themselves, we don’t know. We do know we are in the good and bad consequences of the Fifth Sun.  

Major global events were occurring in the age and among the myths that grew around the world to explain it all is our own Creation of the Fifth Sun. The Decree tells just a part of that story. Knowing how things went in the creation of Fifth Sun can hint at what we can expect. We are, after all, called to actually create the Sixth Sun.  

Teccuzitezcatl – a very elegant god, well dressed, rich. In order to become the Sixth Sun, he is called upon to sacrifice himself in the Sacred Fire. Since our handsome candidate hesitates, a god named Nanahuatzin, the Scaley One (since he had a kind of leprosy), made the leap right on time, and so Nanahuatzin became the Fifth Sun. 

Humiliated, Teccuzitecatl, jumped in the Fire afterwards. He went then to the Land of the Dead and passed through that odyssey to become the Moon, the Night Sun.

When the Speaker of the Decree talks about 500 years of resistance he’s talking 500 years in the future, or, now. Indeed, here we are, the indigenous people of this continent have resisted, scattered to the four winds, perhaps, but surviving still.

“Cuahtemoctzin ordered it,” The Honorable Descending Eagle, Cuahtemoctzin, was our last Speaker, “Chief” in the European vocabulary. He was as much flesh and blood human as you and I, not one of the “creator gods.” He decreed ways that set us up for the time we live now, about taking our traditions into our homes to protect them, and being ready for the Sixth Sun.

But how does one make a Sun? Will it be something like the Fifth? Will there be repentant cowards who look like heros and sick people who actually are heros?


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