Conscious Evolution

Polishing Our Link To The Divine

The Source of All, the Creator, God, whatever you call that power, built a drive in us, a motivation we cannot ignore. The drive to evolve, these days especially, seems to be screaming for attention.

Does the fact we have conscious awareness of evolution make us responsible for a share of the evolutionary cycle?

Another being we all know as Mother Earth, also has conscious awareness, and she seems to be quite involved with Her evolution, doesn’t she?

Not sure about you, but it makes me wonder about leadership all over the world, their politics, and how much they might be concerned, or not, about the evolution happening before our eyes.

I don’t know any one person, tribe or country who has evolution, and our place in it, all figured out. Seems clear it will take all of us to do it well. It might be a good time to polish our link to the divine.

Aren’t our teachers, religious and otherwise, saying the same thing when they quote Jesus, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you?” Or how many say, in one form or fashion, “Be good in life, go to Heaven?” And how many theories and truths do they teach us around divinity, or about aspiring to it? Doesn’t “polish our linking to the divine” say that?

I’m not trying to prove anything specific with this thought, other than to say, this knowledge has always lived in our blood, our history and in our attempts to do things right. If you know what divinity, or God, or angels mean to you, then you have what you need. The rest is all in and from your spirit.

We know the toltec way is not the only way or even necessarily the right way, but we do hope we might have the best way, or one of the best. Toltecs have ideas regarding evolution and how we human beings might affect it. By the way, the particular evolutionary time we are in now is called El Sexto Sol.

Polishing one’s link.

  • Do your very best in all you do, with or without rewards,
  • Honor your own word, your palabra, to become dependable, of substance
  • Constantly, non-stop, expand conscious awareness, seeing more and more of the energy that surrounds us, less and less of the illusions

Making the link divine. As you may imagine, we have a lot to say about this one. For now, behold, the Three Commandments of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent:

  • Love the Creator, life, spirit, God
  • Live in peace (hardest endeavor on the planet) and
  • Don’t waste time! You don’t have that much of it, even if you live to be 150.

Think of it: we obviously don’t have control over evolution, at least not most of it. What’s going to change is going to change. It’s here, but If you believe that each human being has a spirt, with a little of the divine built in, must consider how much influence we could have in our future with and on the great Mother.

Of course, we know making art polishes that link, so get out there and  


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