New Year’s For The Dead

The Day of the Dead is our primary religious observation of the year, but more to the point, our attention to ancestors and the reality of death energizes the altar and our life: in healing, protection, blessing and teaching.

The ceremony and celebration of Día de los Muertos, November 1 & 2 is a major cultural event, ageless and alive. And while some “celebration” occurs, it’s no party. Nor is it a superstition, but I imagine, since you’re reading this, you might know that already. 

The Mexican genealogical origins of the ceremony are ancient and, in some way, connect to all indigenous populations of Mexico. Of course,  ceremony is offered on behalf of the dead all over the world, in all cultures and colors.

Give your ancestors a nod this November. It’ll help you and them. If you’re paying attention to the toltec way in our articles, the Day of the Dead comes under the Toltec Principles of Death and Ancestors.  


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