Does the Toltec Way Apply Today? or

If You Seek Functional Spirituality, Read Here.

We arrived at the toltec way and our resulting altar through heritage, but it was our experience on the path that forged our spiritual and functional reality. While we are neither recognized leaders or authorities of any kind, 40+ years of time walking in the way gives us, perhaps, a small voice. If your spirituality seeks less dogma and more functionality, the toltec way is worth a look.

Altar: a living body of knowledge used to live in a sacred manner.

A Way: experiencing a body of knowledge toward the best possible life.

The world’s religions and governments have drilled ponderous volumes of dogma upon us humans for so long that many of us are finally convinced how much of the dogma’s focus has been on controlling us humans. The programming inflicted by ages of dogma has truly held us back.  

Every living creature on Earth knows, on some level, that the Earth and its children are undergoing a massive change. There are many names for this big time on Earth, like the Ascension or the Great Awakening, the Second Coming and so on. Here we call it the Sexto Sol, the Sixth Sun. A major spiritual evolution is in emergence, and that’s essentially why we’re here. 

The Ancestors of every race, in oral tradition and/or by written decree, told us this big change was coming, and well, here it is. Our ancestors, the Toltecs and other Mexican tribes, left instructions for this time, a veritable treasure of wisdom.

Speaking of treasures, at the end of what is known as the Conquest of Mexico, some 500 years ago, the Aztecs told the greedy Spanish conqueror, Hernán Cortez, there was a hidden treasure that he would never find. The “conqueror” spent his life and resources seeking this treasure. Many Spaniards, even generations after him, would do the same – seek the hidden treasure of the Aztecs. Time after time they found nothing for our treasure was hidden in plain sight.

The treasure our ancestors left is the wisdom that helped us survive one of the greatest genocides in history. The treasure, the so-called Aztec Gold, was and is our collective wisdom from generations of those who’d come before. Our last leaders from those days told us to hide, to protect ourselves, but also to live our traditions in our lives, at the church, in the government, in daily life.

The toltec way, in short, aims at actualizing human potential, without limits. 

The hiding of our treasure went on over four hundred years. Growing up we all hid the wisdom without even thinking about it, without knowing we were hiding anything. When we went cross ways with the mainstream establishment, for instance, we had ways to defend and better ourselves, with or without doctors or police or priests.

There were always people in the cultural community who knew their way around legal matters, moral issues and racism in all its forms. Within Mexican culture, anywhere it may thrive, almost anyone can access the help needed through somebody who knows somebody, but some of us were fortunate enough to taste some of the treasure directly, even before we knew it had anything to do with Toltecs or anything called the toltec way.

Officially, the Toltec Empire ran from 496AD – 1122 AD., but the way started long before that and endures to the present. The Spanish, in their “glory” gave away the recorded history and wisdom of the Toltecs to seek favor with other countries, soon after the conquest. That recorded wisdom, the ancient texts, did not come back to Mexcio until the 20th century. Now that these have been digested by scholars, the Toltec “secrets” are everywhere – published, sold, taught, lived. They even have an idiot’s version of the toltec way. I believe this tradition will get as big as Buddhism one day.

The toltec way offers a body of knowledge that promotes action over academics and excellence over piety. The spiritual, mental, physical and emotional action that results from exercises, meditations, ceremonies and techniques have one major goal: specifically, results in one’s experience of life and the path. There is an insistence on functionality and on taking everything to the level of art. In other words, your creation is aimed at functionality with the best performance you can produce. The toltec way, in short, aims at actualizing human potential, without limits. 


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