The Moon At The Altar

The Bones of Our Ancestors

No matter how many changes our altar has gone through in its physical appearance the Moon has always been one of the cosmic energies that keeps it running. She, the Grandmother Moon, is most well known for her control of the tides. Add to that Her association with a woman’s menstruation and gestation periods, and one could say the Grandmother commands the waves of time.  

We committed to an altar because we needed a spiritual location for the needs of our family. We don’t have an altar because someone proclaimed us holy, or much less because we proclaimed it. We have an altar because we need that special sacred place and we, like all humans, have the right to seek spiritual assistance. Before we even conceived of having an altar, however, we were already sharing quality time with the Grandmother. 

The items upon the altar capture attention and help in powerful ways the tasks of overall healing and magic. But the true power, when it comes, is through such beings as the Earth Herself, and her sister, the Moon, Metzli. When we don’t know what’s real anymore, we look up at her. 

We were taught to sketch the shape of the Moon for a few months. We kept a Moon book and we drew however we saw Her each evening. We were told we needed to do this because we’ve been too screwed up by “civilization” and we needed to experience the Moon’s Cycles, feel them, bring them to active memory. We were and are encouraged us to know Her, dance with Her.

It’s absolutely mind staggering the amount of folk science that exists around the Grandmother, all over the world in every language.When She waxes, we bring blessings. When She wanes, we unload excess. Certain rituals are done only at certain times of day or night, for good reasons. I say “science” simply because the healers know it’s more than faith we’re dealing with. We can’t explain why certain things work, but we know everytime we do it right, it works.

Early in Moon school they told us about the ancestral bones and taught us how to connect to those bones. Consequently, we’ve done a lot of work with those bones. The work could be called mental, as in journeys, or semi-trance, or dreams, of course. We experience some of this “science.”  

Some astronomical science for thought: Earth’s Moon is closer to its home planet, Earth, than any Moon anywhere in the universe; in addition, record exists of something very big hitting the Earth in the distant past. This hit, apparently, tore off a chunk of Earth. This “chunk” became the Moon. If there were humans on it when this happened, of course, there’s bones up there. Make Moon.


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