Making Art In The Face of Resistance and Contradiction

No Time To Waste

Make Art of Life means facing the resistance we all face, with the expectation that we’ll make it through, if not successfully, if not disastrously, at the very least artistically, with elegance and finesse.

Every living being on Earth faces resistance. Whatever we do to rise or improve is met with some force that acts against our best efforts. The hammer falls hard, challenging us to adapt, adjust and respond.  

We look around and we see one man selling cans to make the rent, as if cursed, while another man lives a life of ease, as if special. Equally as possible in this world is the opposite condition, though, when we find the seemingly poor man is content, happy even, with his life, while the man of means is truly quite miserable.

If you’ve learned to perform amidst the contradictions, you know these contradictions show up daily. It’s not always easy to keep things clear.

When we don’t do so well with resistance and contradiction, we know it’s a reminder from the gods of art. When we push our attention, time and energy into making something art, for whatever purpose, for success, for exploration, for the pure joy it brings, relief comes from the pain and the art transforms into beauty you can taste. Art fetches the answers, art provides the mood and the motivation. What are you waiting for?


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