Is it Your Experience or What Others Think of Your Experience? Or

The Toltec Life Objectives: Experience

The third Toltec Life Objective tells us to let our personal experience be our guide. That’s because your personal experience is the final authority of who you are and what you do. It follows well behind the first two principles: Emancipation and Equilibrium. The Experience Objective sets the individual as the center and the only true judge of his/her merit and/or lack thereof.

As we learn to see our experience as the judge of our life, a true understanding of taking responsibility for everything in our life occurs within. Naturally our personal experience relates to how we walk with others and upon this Earth. Toltec thought raises the significance of this by establishing the individual the measure of creation, as opposed to a society or a culture. Working well with a group is considered a task of the individual, who remember, is actually the measure of creation.  Only an individual can reach Emancipation, for only an individual can achieve enough merit to make the attempt. 

The subject of merit, of being deserving, of having earned it, represents a major concept within Toltec and Aztec thought, its own article, its own book.  I mention it here because if you study Toltequismo you will see it often. Once we begin to fully take responsibility for our experiences, your experience becomes the body of knowledge to live by.


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