The Shamanic Journey

A Brief Preview

The Shamanic Journey has countless possibilities in every area of human development. We speak directly from our experience, of the Journey and its basic elements.


Drum is the way, the vehicle, to inner worlds. Knowledge indigenous to all the races; we all had Drum, and some of us still do. More and more people are remembering the Drum, the Drum in our blood, in our DNA. It’s in there, in everyone.

Drum is the lead character in this story. Without Drum there’d be no such thing as a shamanic journey.

Drum, powerful character that she is, taught us the shamanic journey long before we had the vocabulary to call it journey: much less terms like “core shamanism, or soul retrieval, or shifting consciousness” and other $10 words.

Drum’s in your blood. Find people drumming and beat on one, or listen carefully to it speak. You’ll remember. Love the Drum.


The mind pictures a hole in the Earth, so that the mind can go into the Earth, where answers and solutions live. Caves, Water Holes, and holes in Trees serve as ways into the consciousness of the Earth.

Once you’re past the Earth hole, you can travel to the Lower World, the Middle World or the Upper World. Each area has answers and tools specific to its location.

Have a mental picture of an Earth hole you’d be willing to enter in a mind journey.


Totems, power animals, guides are likely the first spiritual beings we encounter when we land on Earth. Many believe without this kind of spirit being present during our infancy, we won’t make it. Many also believe totems are like guardian angels. Close.

Whether it’s Jaguar or Eagle or Coyote or Owl or Raccoon or Aardvark, your totem guides you through the Earth Hole and to where your answers lie. The totem also protects you and can do just about anything you ask. Infinite possibilities.

A friend explained, “When I go to church I dress up and act right. When I ask my animal, I just am who I am.”

It’s essential to develop this idea along with a relationship with a power animal, before and during the shamanic journey.


Song is the only power older than Drum, and the most personal way to contact Spirit. Many say it’s also the most accurate and direct.

A Song – be it a rhythmic grunt, humming, a formal song, anything – can express what you can’t, and there’s plenty of things we have trouble explaining. Some say song can raise a man from the dead, as well as put him in a grave. Song’s not often a required step in shamanic journey instruction, but we find it quite helpful in directing our influence.

Sing it.


Vision is intention. What do you want? What are you looking for? Exploring? Healing? Seeking a Vision? Seeking yourself?

Be specific at the cave, tell the animal your vision, your intention. Then follow where she leads you. See all you can, then return exactly the way you came. When you learn how, a teacher will tell you why.

Have a clear intention, so your aim is true.

Basic elements of the shamanic journey. If you have and develop these elements you can learn to journey in shamanic ways and discover the marvels of your own mind and the phenomenal world that surrounds us.


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