Think Alike? Run In The Same Circles?

We believe art and magic, regardless of their intentions, are already somewhat spiritual and require some level of intelligence. It only makes sense that the process of art parallels the process of magic.

Art is seen as a new or different way to create, and it can apply to just about anything we do. Magic is also a new or different way to create. And both, contrary to popular belief, include science and reality in the work they energize. Ask any artist or magician.

Both processes require tools, knowledge and the energy to act on the process. First comes inspiration, hits both artist and magician as they live their lives. Next comes the decision to proceed or not, and here our creator/artist/magician must find that balance between confidence or desire and knowledge or ability.

Intention is everything, of course, for a work of art or a magic spell. In general, the goals of artists and magicians have a lot in common. They have two directions they may go: seek satisfaction in economic and social status, or seek inner healing and strength. Of course, many go for a mixture. Either way, they each place a marker of some kind to measure their performance in the success or failure of their project, be it the message, the money or both. 

Second (and throughout the process) comes Action. It’s a given that our artists and magicians don’t, and can’t, act on every inspiration. Maybe the balance is off, maybe it simply can’t be done at this time, maybe they tag it for another day.
Once they decide to do it, though, they move on it, act on it. It takes an act of will to bring an idea from inspiration to form. The number of acts and the time and effort required depend on the particular project, of course, but now both artist and magician take a series of actions toward a final product.

Third, both artists and magicians present their work. The artist may use a gallery, the magician, a spell. Perform, publish, submit, offer, try it out, install it – it doesn’t matter, advance, move it forward. Are you an artist, a magician, or both?


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