How Close Are Magic and Science?

Lifestyles Are Available In Both Realms

In the realm of Newtonian based physics, when two researchers, anywhere in the world, are using ingredients like chemicals, compounds and test tubes, and are following the exact same steps of an experiment, they will achieve the exact same results. That’s what makes their result a scientific fact.

In the arena of quantum physics, however, two researchers, also anywhere, can use the same waves, particles and rays, do exactly the same experiment, and yet wind up with very different results.

How does this happen? Being scientists, they had to understand why the results were different when the process was the same. The accepted scientific explanation, as we understand it, this happens because both researchers, have different intentions and expectations. In other words, their thoughts affect the outcome of the experiment, not just the physical reality!

Isn’t that what two different witches have, or two different healers, or two different tarot readers, different intentions and expectations? When these folks perform the same spell, use the same healing technique, or read the same Tarot spread, but get different results, it also ties back to intentions and expectations.

Of course, intentions and expectations are affected by the backgrounds of the practitioners, but that opens up a whole other ballgame, and we won’t go there right now. Like the world of science, the worlds of sorcery, healing and divination have multiple factors to consider in every procedure they follow. And also like the science, one practitioner can save the world, as the other destroys it.

Both the new world of quantum physics and the old world of sorcery, along with the humans who live in and around these worlds, have much in common. They go deep into the mysteries of life with all its dangers, and they certainly will have their work tested like never before, considering the future we’re building. One could say lifestyles are available in all these paths.


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