What Is The Angelic Itinerary? Or

The Fall from Grace, And The Coming of New Grace        

The angelic itinerary began at the Fall, the fall from the Grace of God, aka the War in Heaven. An angel named Lucifer advocated, quite eloquently I understand, for independence and sovereignty from the Multiverse Administration, the governing arm of God Almighty. The hosts of Earth-assigned angels were convinced by Lucifer’s speech. Even though they knew it was a rebellion, they thought it would eventually please and impress God the Creator. The great majority voted to rebel, and there, at that moment, the angels, the planet and us humans fell from grace.

“Grace” has several meanings, all positive, and like the word “love” has countless interpretations, so too does grace. We could talk about it a million different ways but here in this case, the loss of grace has affected our very evolution. Besides the Fall putting us behind in our evolution, it left us with some horrible habits around greed, power, lust, you know, all the big seven sins, of course.

Now you might already know this, but the greatest majority of those voting angels regretted their decision almost immediately after Lucifer’s hosts of angels took over. The way we heard it was that Lucifer, Satan (yes, a different being than Lucifer) and a guy named Caligastra were the three heads when they took over the Earth and its evolution. Apparently, Lucifer wasn’t as bad as Satan, but especially was not as bad as Caligastra, who was the real monster, with lots of influence over the hosts of angels. Lots of details in those stories, as you may imagine, for another time. 

This Fall from grace is probably one of the most recorded and most widely interpreted events in human history. It put the Earth into some kind of probationary period. This cost us humans in many ways: as man evolved, he imitated the wayward angels who wanted to be Gods on Earth. Now look around and see how many of our so-called leaders and governing bodies are ravenous for power, to be gods on Earth, at any cost. I don’t have to tell you how crazy our planet has become.

Those original angels are long gone, and apparently, many of those angels who repented have become humans, over and over, to make things right, but that also is a story for another time. Point is, there are hosts upon hosts of new angels, bringing the new grace, that had been withheld.

The “probation” was lifted sometime in the 20th century and some of that precious grace has returned. Now we human beings, having responsibility in all this, must digest and adapt that grace into a better planet. Now, I’d imagine the Great Spirit has more packed into that grace than we can imagine, and right there in that imagination, you can begin to see the scope of the angelic itinerary. If you had to fix Earth, how many angels would you need?


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