The Great Awakening And The Angelic Itinerary

We Are The Itinerary!

If we agree the Earth and its children are in the process of the Great Awakening (aka New Earth, the Ascension, Sexto Sol, and so forth) and if we agree that it is a wide-ranging, absolutely humongous effort, then we have some small idea of the Angelic Itinerary.  

But what does that mean for you and me, right here, right now? It means you, your soul, spirit and your walk on Earth, are on that angelic agenda! It means if you need some kind of energy, light, molecules or magic dust in your life, these incredible beingshave exactly what you need. Along with our true Mother, the Earth, we human beings are the itinerary!

If this holds any interest for you there’s three things, among others, you should know.

First. Angels don’t play judge or impose punishments. The religions and governments do that enough already, don’t they? If your heart asks for light and energy today, the Angels don’t care about your yesterday. Guilt, karma confusion, scolding and penance are not required to receive light and energy.  

Second. The experience of Time for Angels is very different from the way humans experience time. I believe when Angels see us, they see all of us, or can see all of us, from birth to the moment, perhaps before and after that, as well. They have access to anything pertinent, but only when we permit it. We flesh and bone types get impatient for results, and keeping this time difference in mind will help us ask in better ways and visualize it more accurately, as well. Sometimes a change in perspective is all it takes, to change the world, and our lives.

Third. Give Angels permission to come in, to move about in the situation you seek to improve. There is a great deal of respect for our human free will, so inviting them in, giving key information and granting permission are key to finding what we need.  

By the way, they’re not here to preach about the New Earth or any other topic. The Angels are here to help us survive it.


What Is The Angelic Itinerary? Or

The Fall from Grace, And The Coming of New Grace        

The angelic itinerary began at the Fall, the fall from the Grace of God, aka the War in Heaven. An angel named Lucifer advocated, quite eloquently I understand, for independence and sovereignty from the Multiverse Administration, the governing arm of God Almighty. The hosts of Earth-assigned angels were convinced by Lucifer’s speech. Even though they knew it was a rebellion, they thought it would eventually please and impress God the Creator. The great majority voted to rebel, and there, at that moment, the angels, the planet and us humans fell from grace.

“Grace” has several meanings, all positive, and like the word “love” has countless interpretations, so too does grace. We could talk about it a million different ways but here in this case, the loss of grace has affected our very evolution. Besides the Fall putting us behind in our evolution, it left us with some horrible habits around greed, power, lust, you know, all the big seven sins, of course.

Now you might already know this, but the greatest majority of those voting angels regretted their decision almost immediately after Lucifer’s hosts of angels took over. The way we heard it was that Lucifer, Satan (yes, a different being than Lucifer) and a guy named Caligastra were the three heads when they took over the Earth and its evolution. Apparently, Lucifer wasn’t as bad as Satan, but especially was not as bad as Caligastra, who was the real monster, with lots of influence over the hosts of angels. Lots of details in those stories, as you may imagine, for another time. 

This Fall from grace is probably one of the most recorded and most widely interpreted events in human history. It put the Earth into some kind of probationary period. This cost us humans in many ways: as man evolved, he imitated the wayward angels who wanted to be Gods on Earth. Now look around and see how many of our so-called leaders and governing bodies are ravenous for power, to be gods on Earth, at any cost. I don’t have to tell you how crazy our planet has become.

Those original angels are long gone, and apparently, many of those angels who repented have become humans, over and over, to make things right, but that also is a story for another time. Point is, there are hosts upon hosts of new angels, bringing the new grace, that had been withheld.

The “probation” was lifted sometime in the 20th century and some of that precious grace has returned. Now we human beings, having responsibility in all this, must digest and adapt that grace into a better planet. Now, I’d imagine the Great Spirit has more packed into that grace than we can imagine, and right there in that imagination, you can begin to see the scope of the angelic itinerary. If you had to fix Earth, how many angels would you need?


We Resisted, But The Angels Proved Themselves     

The Angelic Itinerary

What can I say about angels? You’ve already heard of them, or felt them, or even saw them. You heard from the church and the Bible. You’ve heard from friends and relatives. Maybe you’ve felt them. Angels are literally everywhere and are available to human beings to help us navigate our experience on this tough third dimensional planet, but we didn’t always know that.

We’ve operated our altar over 40 years, but it wasn’t until 10 years ago that we embraced angels and their agenda, their itinerary, to be more precise. We did not believe in angels. We thought it was another convenient lie.

One day I found myself in the position to ask the angels for proof of their existence. Pepe, our Chihuahua, was lost. I was out of town and asked a friend to put up an ad. I said to the angels, “Find, Pepe, bring him home safe, then we’ll believe.” Driving home from the airport four days later I had a strong feeling to go up a street, close to my house, but out of the way. I trusted the feeling and took the longer way home.

On that street I get a phone call. “Pepe is right off Spain Avenue,” says a nice lady. Two blocks later I’m turning in to a cul-de-sac and when Pepe shows excitement, she has to put him down. He’s wearing a cone, so they must have cared for him, and indeed, he was fine.

We have much more proof than that small incident now, but that’s where the angelic itinerary began to reveal itself.

Most of the religions that speak of angels have very restrictive approaches to communication and cooperation with these amazing beings. There’s plenty of respect for angels in mainstream religion, but little information is offered and there’s no encouragement to know more about them, much less communicate with them.

In learning more about angels, I realized that the people who have had encounters with angels are quite un-restrictive when they tell us about angels. Humans sharing experiences with angels are anxious to tell someone, to teach them what the angel taught them. Even if they wind up mis-interpreting their experience, it’s as hard to talk about angels as it is to talk about aliens and UFOs, but these folks seem enthralled by sharing all kinds of “secrets” regarding angels.  These folks advise us all to chase angels with all we have, and they offer a million ways to reach them. Every book, video, speaker I found had one message in common – angels are everywhere and available to human beings.  

Being a registered cynic, I steered away from the subject of angels all I could, but, against my will, bits of “useful information” started showing up at the altar, bits we could not ignore. Our experience showed us how functional to life angels can be for us struggling humans.

It became clear that the angels have an itinerary much vaster than we are able to imagine. It’s all about making Earth a successful planet. With time the angelic itinerary became a strong component of our altar, to such an extent that while we consider our altar to be of the Toltec tradition, the angels have moved right in, like they were always here.

Angels know, for instance what our soul says, even if our egos are saying something different. If we ask for help and permit them to reach us, sincerely and honestly, relationships develop. It’s just like making any other friend. If we manage to honor our word and do our best, the friendship has a real chance.

If you are drawn to study angels, to communicate with them or just get some help with something, you have everything you need to make it happen. You have a soul, a mind and the ability to communicate. Try a prayer, or a ritual. You will experience something and if it’s enough, you won’t need any more proof. Go now and