Soul Recovery  

It’s About the Wholeness of Our Soul

Soul Recovery is such a large topic I have to keep this short.

Your soul is the only permanent “gold” you have. There’s nothing else you can take except your soul, whether it’s at the time before your birth or the time after your death. The soul is you before you were born and will be you after you pass.

One could say the soul’s eternal, but it does get banged around when we’re living on a planet going through major change. Whatever your mind, body or heart live through, your soul registers it, every micro moment as it transpires. Some of that banging around leads to growth, some of it makes things worse.

There’s a reason we are seeing more and more information around ancestral healing, soul recovery and healing, soul retrieval and all the related topics. The world is under lots of stress, it’s all around us, conflict. Conflicts cause soul loss, which causes a whole slew of problems around the lack of energy that always comes up. We’ve come to fully accept the idea that all healing is about the soul.

The altar work here has been about the illnesses of poverty, heart break and injustice.  When human beings endure these illnesses, the soul can be damaged, parts of it, to be precise. These parts, pieces of a soul, can never be fully lost, but they become inaccessible to the person, which robs her of precious pockets of energy. One treatment for this is called soul retrieval, and if that tickles you in any way, your soul may be telling you to look it up.  

When shock and pain hit, the part of our soul experiencing it wants refuge from the trauma. Many times, it stays in and at the time and place it occurred, while the rest of person, body and soul, goes on in their life. With time the person experiences absence of soul: “Something’s missing, something’s wrong, why can’t I do this or that?” That piece of us becomes energy we can’t reach, until we heal it or bring it back. That’s what soul recovery/retrieval is all about.

Since we’re living and breathing, we don’t have to worry, yet, about being a lost soul. But when we’re alive, we deal with fragments of the soul as they suffer trauma in real time, and indeed, something can be done the second one decides to recoup one’s soul!

Let’s be well aware of our soul. It’s in every single thing we do. The soul, and its best possible condition, are the goal. Golden, so to speak.