Is Magic and Prayer for Real? or

What Did You Say About Science?

Magic and prayer work because they are born of science, a science we may not comprehend, but when we pray with passion and accuracy, when we perform passes, smudges, ritual and ceremony, when we visualize healing and send it…When we do, we know that we know the “science” we apply will soothe, relieve, heal, change, shift, spark, inform, open, close, cleanse, chop, grind, something on the path to healing that individual.

Since we know that we know, and since we intend it for good, as in making the person better, we fully expect positive movement in the direction of healing.

For human beings to believe we are the last word on consciousness is both arrogant and ludicrous. To assume that one’s mind, soul and heart cannot heal self or another without our human medical community facilitating it is simply a limitation of human potential. There are layers upon layers of sciences out there! Humans prove it all the time.  

The sciences we speak of exist at higher cognitive levels, a bit out of our reach, perhaps, but long accessible to human beings. Maybe we’re communicating with higher intelligence? Think of it as stretching our awareness toward divinity and sovereignty.

Perform the magic and pray hard, march forward and