Goddess Science Review, Or

Where Did Women Get Their Power?

If you’re curious about the actual science behind the power and glory of the Goddess, this book will feed the hunger. DNA of the Gods, by Dr. Chris Hardy, explains, with scientific evidence, no less, why women have the upper hand in so many spiritual and metaphysical tasks. 

Women make the world turn. We learned that watching women in my family, among friends, and other community people, as well as the midwives and folk healers, the parteras y curanderas. One of the adult women in my family was always visiting these folks regularly, and if they had to babysit me, would take me along. I knew early the ambiance was quite different in those places where the healers worked. There was an air of mastery and deep calm in those places. My youthful impatience had to take a seat to the feeling one experiences at a curandera’s altar.    

The first time anyone taught me anything about magic, a male teacher and a female teacher, as it turned out, told me the same thing in the space of a week. Neither teacher knew of the other, but they both told me that women get the power the moment they decide they are witches, while men have to work like slaves to reach the same level. 

I’m not being polite or politically correct when I say women make the world turn. I’m talking hard core power here, power that I’ve witnessed on both sides of the good and evil spectrum. Dr. Hardy talks about human women and sky people, extraterrestrials, creator goddesses, and what they did with the DNA of the female body. It explains quite a bit. 

There’s this extra something women have and I’m grateful for having learned it early. We never really got any explanation about this extra beyond the standard response, “Women have this. We don’t know why. Maybe better not to question.”

DNA of the Gods gave me a scientific explanation for this extra talent and while it may be too early for mainstream science to recognize it, there are sufficient facts to seriously consider what ancient alien science is saying.

It wasn’t however, the ancient alien science that drew Dr. Hardy to write DNA of the Gods. If we’re talking scientists she’s up there with Einstein, Sagan, Darwin and Madame Curie. She came to the alien work through the scientist presumed to be an originator of this science, Dr. Zechariah Sitchin. The evidence he brought made it legit science in her eyes, so she embraced the work and offers her own interpretations about Adam and Eve, about the creator gods and goddesses, and about their DNA work on us.

The fact that a creator goddess adds extra DNA to the human female explains a variety of female topics that come through the altar. Obviously, the capacity to give birth gets some extra DNA, but when you start talking about women’s intuition and related subjects, you know there’s much more than giving birth in that “extra.”

The evidence of creator gods putting their hands to human evolution doesn’t seem so far-fetched when Dr. Hardy explains it.  If you love the power of Goddess, or if you’re just worried about it, this book will give you some raw facts to chew on.