The Flower of the Dead

Invoking Souls To The Altar

Orange and amber leaves, exotic diffusion of strong aroma – calling the dead to celebrate their lives and ours… it is time once again, dear readers, for the Day of the Dead, November1 & 2.

We are happy to say we received a legend that we, in turn, offer to you, in honor of our dead in this special season.

The Storyteller known as Saltamontes, Grasshopper, eternal apprentice of ancestral wisdom and the toltec way, a healer who resides and practices in the Albuquerque area, shared this legend and we are grateful for this reminder of this sacred flower of blood and tradition.


Legend Turned Flower

Xochitl and Huitzílin loved each other since they were children. Both Flower, Xochitl, and Hummingbird, Huitzílin, grew up together, their bodies, their minds and mostly, their great love. Every afternoon they climbed the mountain to offer flowers to the Sun, Tonatiuh.

The Father smiled at the gift of lovers who swore to love each other beyond time, beyond distance, and beyond death.

One day war came, and the lovers separated.  Sadly and suddenly came the news that Huitzílin had died in the war. When Xochitl found out she felt her heart beating with so much pain, she climbed the mountain and desperately complained to Tonatiuh, “What happened? I cannot live without him!”

Father Sun, knowing the girl and her pain, spread one of his rays to touch and caress the young woman and at that moment, she transformed into a flower of colors so intense, like the rays of the Father Sun – orange and amber rays.

Then came Huitzílin already in hummingbird form. He lovingly settled in the center of the flower and joined eternally with it. Instantly, the flower opened into thick petals, shedding an intense and mysterious aroma… warm and attractive.

Thus, they say that the flower of Zempaxochitl was born, the Marigold, the flower of the dead.

Thank you, Grasshopper