In Case You Want to Talk to Angels,  

Here’s a Book We Trust

The works of Timothy Wyllie (1940—to 2017) explained angels to us without religious dogma or new age glitter. We’ve talked before about our reluctant belief in these divine beings.Now we acknowledge, with glee, that the angels are here with a mighty agenda.

Aside from doubting the angels, there was the issue of knowledge bases. Angels came from an entirely different knowledge base than our own, or so we thought. We have invested our lives, family, career, even the dogs, in the indigenous knowledge bases we inherited. To delve into another knowledge base seemed like treason.

Spirit made us stumble into Mr. Wyllie’s work and we found the cosmology he shared harmonized quite well with our own, long held, long fought for, indigenous cosmologies.

The cover of Ask Your Angels says, “A practical guide with the messengers of heaven to empower and enrich your life.”

He had us at the word “practical.” We bought the book twice, and grew from it, and we do indeed, talk to angels. I don’t have one on speed dial or anything like that. One’s mind has to be right for the situation. This book provided a process for me to get it right without judging me and weighing me down with guilt and dogma. It got my mind right.

Authors Daniel, Wyllie and Ramer deliver a simple, understandable, guidebook for you to find out for yourself some truth about angels. The authors provide a little background, then jump into a five-step method they call GRACE: Grounding, Releasing, Aligning, Conversing and Enjoying.

The authors then lead you through each step, what to do, what to expect, and by the time we got to Conversing, we realized the angels want to talk to us, too! And we didn’t have to go through feeling bad or wondering about ourselves, we got to the Enjoying right away.

We’re toltecs. Mr. Wyllie brought us an action plan. We acted on it to have the experience and learn from it. We did.  

If you’re serious about talking to angels, then