Legacy, Myth, Wind and Rhythm

And the band plays on…

We awaken one morning realizing we really don’t know how much time we have left on the planet. Like human beings before us, we realize we better use that soon-to-expire time and leave something behind.

It’s not that we did everything right, far from it. We did, however, make one decision, from which the rest has come. We chose to have and maintain an altar, a fireplace – a sacred place for warmth, understanding and guidance.

A part of us wanted to experience what our ancestors told us had been and would be possible. Another part of us wanted to just live better, here and now, in some form or fashion.

We committed to having the altar, our fireplace, and to doing whatever necessary to make it happen. We were hoping, but we didn’t know, it would become both a wellness center and an emergency room, for family and friend, a place to find real help. Not because we’re so great, but because of who shows up at our altar.

Our community came to call me Curandero, traditional Mexican healer, an honor I do not deserve.  We’ve served the best we could, in an unbelievable number of ways. Mostly we kept ourselves together through rough times and insurmountable challenges. For this we are most grateful.

Our accomplishment is not a wonder, however, and it’s not an extraordinary feat; and we don’t need anyone to kiss our ring. Peoples all over the world have a family or a personal altar. Call it fireplace, or set of rules, or path of life, it doesn’t matter. It’s a very ancient and a very human practice.

People who seek spiritual and supernatural help on our planet have a right to it. It’s there and available; we simply have to use it.  

Literally, it’s something everyone and anyone can do – and expect results from the practice.That’s One of the things we want to say before we die: we human beings have a right to spiritual and supernatural help, and we should damn well use it.

One of the things we’ve been saying since puberty is that human beings need to awaken. We said it because it’s what we were being taught, over and over, until we really understood it, no, until we lived it.

And we’re not the only ones talking about awakening, either. All major religions have it built in their teachings and most indigenous communities around the world keep it in daily conversation. Call it awakening, or revival, or enlightenment, renewal, quickening, nirvana, paradise or the New Age, or even the end of the world, we’re all living, in our own versions, of a great awakening, a major change.

We call it el Sexto Sol, the Sixth Sun. It’s in our teachings, in songs, dances, and in our ceremonies, too. We were told it was coming, that we’re in it, and that it’s going to be a rough birth.

Clearly, we want to talk about that, Two, before we die: we’re not in an easy time, no matter how smart we think we are.

As our time on the planet comes to a close, we’d like to offer some legacy about the wonders that we’ve witnessed. We’ve found healing in the wind around us, and found a rhythm in our spirit dance, all in the shadow of ancestral and cultural myth, and now

That Awakening concept has taken priority.  We all have a duty to the Earth and its future generations, Three.

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