Is Bioavailability Spiritual?

Is it Medicine for you?

As per Google search, bioavailability refers to “the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body, and so is able to have an active effect.” In other words, it’s about how much medicine/benefit actually reaches our bodies with positive effect.

The need to know how much medicine your body actually receives is clearly an important consideration when a person uses any kind of supplementation, vitamin regimen, weight loss or gain programs and so forth. For us, as you might imagine, the whole health process is a wholistic endeavor – body, heart, will and mind.

The question about bioavailability came up when we discovered the wonders of hemp oil. Short version: it changed our life, helping us walk again. Regarding hemp and CBD, considering how much one gets from an oil vs the benefit from newer methods of delivery, like water soluble, oral, intravenous, etc, is one of the first signs a person is taking her CBD seriously.

If you’re going to pay $150 for a month of CBD or Hemp, do you prefer a quality oil that delivers less than 10% of the benefit, or do you want to pay the same for 50-80% of the benefit? Bioavailability – beware the marketing, but it’s good science.

The same question, of course, comes up for vitamins. You can buy the cheapies at the dollar store, or you can pay triple at the health store. Which one will truly make a difference in your health?  Most of the benefit of the cheapies winds up in the urinal.

For us, at an altar strengthened by the hemp, increased bioavailability means an acceleration of healing – for us and those we serve.

So how is bioavailability a spiritual topic?

First thing: to heal or not to heal is a choice.

When the body is intent on healing the medicine will come. When a person chooses healing over indifference or disbelief, and finds a medicine that helps them stay alive, isn’t that medicine sacred, at least to them? With the effect this little knowledge of bioavailability has had us, it’s gone into our Medicine Bag, sacred.

Second: water is sacred.

Before the words spiritual or sacred existed in any language, our ancestors cared highly for the element of water. Apparently, humans can survive lots of different shortages, but we can’t go without water. That’s certainly a sacred matter.

You and I are born of water and made of water. If we can put good things in that water, we might have a better life. Since we humans are 70%+ water, anything that flows with our water, like water soluble medicine, will hit my body faster and wider.

If that’s not spiritual, and rational, at the same time, then I don’t know what is.

Third: medicine is personal

One of many definitions of the word medicine in Native American thought is, “Anything that brings you closer to what Creator intended for us human beings”.

We don’t want to exclude anyone, so if you’re an atheist, then replace “Creator intended” with “human evolutionary potential.” Pretty close.

Bioavailability is medicine this way, it’s real, you feel it, makes a difference.

Might we have healed without knowing anything about bioavailability? It’s quite possible, healing is what we do, after all, and we have other tools. But this one showed up when we needed an acceleration in our healing. Was it an answer to our intention to heal? Is it sacred?