FROM We're privileged to share this link with our readers. Mexicolore, a serious organization out of the UK, publishes an amazing amount of information on Aztekas and Mayas in formats friendly to anyone: teacher, student, curiosity-seeker. In search of a source for myth, we found Mexicolore beyond adequate. Our thanks to Mexicolore for permission … Continue reading MESOAMERICAN KEYSTONES

Demons on Two Wheels

As told to the editors of by Maximiliano Plata From the Chronicles of the Hummingbird Group: Sheepdog Files. Mr. Ernest Red House, full-blood Navajo, ex, and always, a United States Marine; “black sheep” Medicine Man and co-founder of Grupo Colibri. “Demons on Two Wheels,” from Night Ride 7. “When you ride two wheels, at night, … Continue reading Demons on Two Wheels