Spiritual Intelligence – Paradigms 1

What works, spiritually speaking? Practical functionality marks the difference between superstition and spiritual intelligence.” From Raise Your Altar 2. Practical functionality applies to grooming one’s personal power, be it in search of magic, good luck or high understanding. If it’s not functional it’s just academic. If it’s not applied knowledge, it’s pure potential. If the … Continue reading Spiritual Intelligence – Paradigms 1


¿O SEA, OBEDIENTES? Una corriente común en la mayoría de las enseñanzas religiosas es el concepto, muy aceptado, de que los seres humanos están dotados de libre albedrío. Yo lo acepto. Esta bien. Tiene sentido. El problema viene cuando estas mismas enseñanzas religiosas comienzan a decirnos exactamente cómo usar nuestro supuesto libre albedrío. Hace falta … Continue reading ¿SOMOS OVEJAS?

Without Spiritual Understanding, We’ll Go Insane

Evolution Speaks I can’t take complete credit for that title, and I can’t remember where I first heard it. I do remember the author was talking about things like the Great Awakening, the Second Coming, The Age of Aquarius, and even the Apocalypse, depending on how one refers to this time. We call it el … Continue reading Without Spiritual Understanding, We’ll Go Insane

Why Are Spiritual Practitioners Called Seers?

Or What is Magic? The work at this altar happens mostly in the spiritual, invisible, worlds that surround us. Some worlds surround us closely, like our skin or our organs, or the ground beneath us. Other worlds start right beyond that, like with the next person, or in the house next door. The word perceptions … Continue reading Why Are Spiritual Practitioners Called Seers?