Every book, reference or product we recommend has our experience in the review. We didn’t just read and understand it; we applied it, in toltec manner.

We speak to the functionality of the book. Does it deliver its promise? We include a Questions button in case you have reservations and want more information. If you want to get a copy, just click on the image. We are Amazon Associates and may profit from your purchase.

Where Did Women Get Their Power?

If you’re curious about the actual science behind the power and glory of the Goddess, this book will feed the hunger. DNA of the Gods, by Dr. Chris Hardy, explains, with scientific evidence, no less, why women have the upper hand in so many spiritual and metaphysical tasks. …a creator goddess adds extra DNA to the human female explains a variety of female topics… the capacity to give birth gets some extra DNA, but when you start talking about women’s intuition, and related subjects, you know there’s much more than giving birth in that “extra.”…evidence of creator gods putting their hands to human evolution doesn’t seem so far-fetched when Dr. Hardy explains it.  If you love the power of Goddess, or if you’re just worried about it, this book will give you some raw facts to chew on.

Presents its promise to open the communication without dogma or religious branding. Angels respond to all souls when they ask and the book brings the GRACE process: Grounding, Releasing, Aligning, Conversing, Enjoying.

Reliable information on the concept and practice of el Sexto Sol. Includes healing/enlightenment pathways throughout a strong narrative, rich in detail and structure. Satisfies curiosity with dynamics for those who are drawn.

Books are bodies of knowledge holding so many of the “secrets” we need to live our lives. Problem is there’s so much out there that looks and sounds good, but doesn’t deliver. If you’re looking at a Books page then you know what it is to be betrayed by a title or a book cover.

While the oral tradition is indeed the deepest well of our knowledge, to leave out knowledge from other traditions, science and mainstream, doesn’t really make sense. We tested these books’ functionality, their usefulness in making art of our life. The right non-fiction, fiction and poetry gives us impetus, a catalyzing boost. We hope some of our recommendations may do the same for you.

Jeff Tweedy, songwriter/leader of the award -wining band, Wilco, talks to readers as if we’re artists. Tweedy shares detailed and doable suggestions to give a song idea life. Every chapter helps you experience some level of creativity.

Lucidity drives the dreaming to the higher dimensions in a dynamic, hands-on approach to the arts of dreaming. A true toltec, Koyote the Blind, explains complex western, eastern and indigenous knowledge of dreaming in a surprisingly short work. Experienced students and new students can connect and improve their dreaming.

To answer human questions about the Universe, the Angels, Creation and Jesus Christ, certain celestials and angels published this hefty tome in the early 20th century. Composed of 196 papers, “written” by a variety of celestials and angels, and “received” by an anonymous and indifferent man as he slept, went through serious editing by 70 well-chosen editors and took around 30 years to publish. The book has remained the same ever since it was published. If we believe the Bible, it seems reasonable to check out the Urantia Book.

Para responder a las preguntas de los humanos, algunos celestiales y ángeles publicaron este gran libro a los principios delsiglo 20.  Compuesto de 196 artículos, “escrito” por una variedad de celestiales y ángeles, y “recibido” por un hombre anónimo e indiferente mientras dormía, pasó por una seria redacción por 70 editores bien elegidos y se tomaron alrededor de 30 años para publicarlo. El libro han permanecido igual desde que salió. Si uno cree la Biblia, parece razonable echarle un ojo al Libro de Urantia.