Exploring The Spirit World

Opportunities Are Available

Blood forms the bridge between the living and the dead. When you or the neighbor, or anyone, has an ability to sense, see or speak to the dead, that connection can be called sacred. While that connection is available in all human beings, it awakens in only a few.  

Dealing with the Spirit World is not for everyone, but again, everyone can reach in or out if they must, or want to. You’re drawn to it for your reasons: from or for your karma, summoned by the ancestors or in a dream or from an unforeseen event that lit the connection.

You may be one who instinctively knows how to do it at a high level, or you may only have leanings and whispers. Either way, should you decide to go for it, we recommend you review the basics within your own culture first, within teachings you respect and from people you trust. If you don’t have that background, choose one of the many ways available out there. Ask us.

There’s all kind of work available in, or with, the Spirit World:

  • Ancestral healing,
  • Aid to lost souls,
  • Cutting curses or clearing hauntings,
  • Retrieving information from or having conversations with someone already dead,
  • Rescuing energy of the living from the dead,
  • Spiritual warfare of numerous varieties,
  • And that’s just the beginning.  

In the Earth’s not-so-stellar evolution the life and death cycle, to say it nicely, has been tampered with, quite a bit. Happy to say the cycle has survived and the healing is intensifying as the Earth changes its course. Perhaps that’s why you’re called to it.

The souls we assist many times forget to say thank you, but the blessings and functional powers you can groom for yourself are limitless.


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