The Great Awakening And The Angelic Itinerary

We Are The Itinerary!

If we agree the Earth and its children are in the process of the Great Awakening (aka New Earth, the Ascension, Sexto Sol, and so forth) and if we agree that it is a wide-ranging, absolutely humongous effort, then we have some small idea of the Angelic Itinerary.  

But what does that mean for you and me, right here, right now? It means you, your soul, spirit and your walk on Earth, are on that angelic agenda! It means if you need some kind of energy, light, molecules or magic dust in your life, these incredible beingshave exactly what you need. Along with our true Mother, the Earth, we human beings are the itinerary!

If this holds any interest for you there’s three things, among others, you should know.

First. Angels don’t play judge or impose punishments. The religions and governments do that enough already, don’t they? If your heart asks for light and energy today, the Angels don’t care about your yesterday. Guilt, karma confusion, scolding and penance are not required to receive light and energy.  

Second. The experience of Time for Angels is very different from the way humans experience time. I believe when Angels see us, they see all of us, or can see all of us, from birth to the moment, perhaps before and after that, as well. They have access to anything pertinent, but only when we permit it. We flesh and bone types get impatient for results, and keeping this time difference in mind will help us ask in better ways and visualize it more accurately, as well. Sometimes a change in perspective is all it takes, to change the world, and our lives.

Third. Give Angels permission to come in, to move about in the situation you seek to improve. There is a great deal of respect for our human free will, so inviting them in, giving key information and granting permission are key to finding what we need.  

By the way, they’re not here to preach about the New Earth or any other topic. The Angels are here to help us survive it.


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