The Sexto Sol Burns Now

It’s About Consciousness

Given us by our ancestors at the time of the alleged conquest of Mexico, the Decree is too long for one article, so we’ll take it in bits, the only way to eat an elephant.

Decree of the Sixth Sun, Verse 1:

A Myth We Live With Ancestors

The Grandfathers left word

That this Fifth Sun which we are living,

Is going to end, end its movements,

With earthquakes on Earth and earthquakes in society.

But this Fifth Sun cannot end

Until we become aware,

Until awareness stretches and grows

Until it rains awareness,

Because this Fifth Sun is precisely,

A Sun of Awareness, of Consciousness.

If we mark the beginning of the Sixth Sun, el Sexto Sol, as 2012 and we give ourselves 50 years on either side of that as a point of perspective to view the Decree, we might judge for ourselves how accurate the prophecy proves.

We are told the Fifth Sun ending “With earthquakes on Earth and earthquakes in society,” for instance. Well, you decide. Earthquakes describe lots of what’s happening out there, from one end of the planet to the other, in every language and every color! Earthquakes for real, earthquakes in world leadership, earthquakes in relationships from the highest levels down, earthquakes.

The first instruction we receive in the decree is to be aware, have consciousness, see and understand!To awaken this consciousness until it “…rains awareness.”

The beautiful yet sobering character of awareness is that the moment you spark the word, say it or think it, the awareness within you responds, immediately, to expand. Awareness is standard equipment for human beings.You can use it, by the way, to


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