One Must Experience What One Creates

Yessiree! Amen! That’s a Fact!

This statement of natural law enjoys worldwide agreement. All the great cultures, religions and organizations have plenty of material around the idea of responsibility – taking it, having it and giving it. From law and order to karma, to the law of attraction and choice theory, from the Golden Rule to Justice for All, everybody knows it. One must experience what one creates.

Each of us enforces that law, or does it enforce us? It certainly seems like much more than a few words written down somewhere. It seems like a law that emanates throughout the planet, like a giant programmed energy laid over us. No matter what we do, that programmed energy will process the energy of our deeds as that program dictates: to experience what one creates.

I don’t know about you, but that sobers me up a bit. It means the energy I expend will return as something I created. Makes me think of my last screw-up, wonder how that comes back.

Again: the energy I expend will return as something I’ve created. Is that another way to say that our energy judges itself? Should we be listening?

If you’re trying to make art of your life like a toltec, choices take on a new significance, don’t they?


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