Are You Sure It’s Not Dead Relatives?   

Toltec Life Objectives: Ancestors

Ancestors who die with issues – karmic debts, blood level crimes, a bad death, a curse, and so forth – leave those issues in the blood and we, the living, experience these issues in similar ways, even when we aren’t guilty of anything ourselves. The debt, the marker, whatever it is, is coded into our blood. DNA research, genetics, proves this, so we’re not talking about faith or religious beliefs. We’re talking about science and dynamic spirituality.

This explains in part why the toltec way includes attention to the ancestors as a major life objective, something that needs to be worked with, on the path of life. This attention to the blood is in the mission of each and every warrior, no matter who or whatever else she might be. It comes with the program, as they say.  Ancestors is the subject of the fifth and the last of the five major life objectives/directions. Emancipation, Equiibrium, Experience, Death and today, Ancestors. We come to Earth within a bloodline, one of the millions of bloodlines now living on Earth. The bloodline holds vital information on everyone in it, both dead and alive. Some of that information/genetics helps, evolves in a positive fashion; however, some of those genes can choke our Earth walk.

While our physical ancestors are gone, everything they did in their life is written in those of us here now.

I think our ancestors knew more about this than we, as a modern society, know today. When’s the last time you considered your ancestors in dealing with certain issues, or weird events, or peculiar changes? We’re not taught to consider that, for the most part, but luckily there’s much more available now on the evolving science of epigenetics – ways to express our genetics in the best possible way, therapeutically, medically even.  Of course, the spiritual side of the coin is always there, as well.  

Combine some of that science with the spiritual honoring of the ancestors and the healing of the blood, and you now have a functional approach to your genetics and your ancestors.  Spirituality and science holding hands!

We agree with our ancestors that purifying the blood is, indeed, a mission that falls to each of us. Honoring our ancestors from time to time, wishing them well, working on some of those negative issues, as we try to make art of life, just makes sense.


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