Things Go Better With Angels, or   

How to Actualize Potentials

Our altar was rolling for 25-30 years before we realized how much the angelic influence had already been in our life, long before we ran an altar. For readers who grew up around the idea of angels, it’s easy to conceive. For us it was like learning we had legs after using them relatively well for years. In “Was it the Santos or the Angels?” we talk about how the angels first showed up in our healing work.

Our decision had long been to live our life by indigenous wisdom, wisdom that our ancestors paid with their lives for us to inherit, and more importantly, to use.

As far as we knew the word “angels” was in the enemy’s vocabulary, the conquering hordes who use the name of God to destroy creation. If angels were a part of that, we didn’t want anything to do with it.  

But when we came upon the sheer volume of the angelic reality that surrounds us, we found angels are way above racism and have no problem with indigenous wisdom, or any other kind of wisdom for that matter. Angels were there when that wisdom was born.

Clearly the angels brought better results and higher standards to our lives and to our work. For now, I just want to say these guys are no powder puffs or namby-pambys or goody-goodies. I can’t say it any plainer, angels pack a punch!

I got to thinking, if you or I were angels, what our job description might be. I figure it has to say something about actualizing potentials. It must be in there, because from the very beginning everything the angels touch makes the person better or the situation better.

A side note regarding the word potential: we’ve all heard it since we knew words, and I don’t know about you but there were times it excited me, motivated me, when someone told me I had potential. Other times I didn’t want to hear the word because it also reminds one of failures. Thinking and acting on what could be is never easy, but good, bad or indifferent, some of us human beings won’t stop trying.  

When we first asked the angels, we were desperate, not thinking about potentials, but by the time they got us through our trouble, we were better at our healing arts, and the patient found the relief or change he needed. When I look back at the events and experiences in working with angels, actualizing our potentials forms a common thread and a common result.

Isn’t that what they’re here for? Making things better? Making sure the Earth evolves properly, into its potential?

Human beings, the dominant beings on the planet, have the chase for potential embedded in our DNA. We are a major part of the angelic itinerary.

Angels will only add to the awe of who you are and what we’re doing here. Go, actualize your potential and


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