What’s It Take to Make Art? Or

What Special Feeling?    

It takes a decision acted upon, nothing more.

But wait! What about the talent, teachers and tools? Critics and arts afficionados? Don’t they have something to say about what “art” actually is, what it takes to make?

Well yes, they matter to some extent of course, but for me and you, the only thing that matters is the decision that we act upon.

Inspiration matters, too, no doubt, but inspiration comes by acting upon the decision. Something must have already inspired you this far already; now you act, or you don’t.

What humans call art is a special category that cuts across all human experience; one might say it’s a consensus that art is, or certainly can be, divine. Touching the divine while living out our destiny doesn’t sound too bad. Things go better with a little divinity mixed in.  

Maybe you already know that special feeling that comes while you’re producing, creating, thinking, ideating over an art project. If we can go to that good feeling place over and over, good things happen around us, in our routine days and in our routine life. I don’t know about you, but it seems worth the effort, be they failed or successful.

Art has a place in every major religion, it has a place in the street graffiti, and it even has a place with plumbers and mechanics, crafts-people and beggars. It is one of the highest compliments humans give other humans, “That’s a work of art!”

Need I say more? Now go out and


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