The Toltec Five Life Objectives: Equilibrium, or

Please Don’t Assume Balance is About Fear

The Toltec Life Principles urge balance on the road of life, but it’s important to note, we seek balance to perform an action, not necessarily for safety or control. We seek the balance of the figure skater, not the balance of a wallflower.

Consider the idea that status quo is an illusion; nothing really stays the same, we just think it does. When one is traversing the hardships of life, balance is the difference between a destructive, reactive, response vs the application of a brilliant strategy. Balance permits the proper execution of what you’ve chosen to do.

The balance needed on a tight-wire is another kind of balance from what we need in our relationships, but balance makes them both better. If we look around us, we’ll notice that every single function on the planet has or needs balance for its proper operation. If we look at the crises happening all over the world it’s easy to see the need.

In the toltec way balance, kinam, is spoken of in every area of instruction: in physical tasks, of course, making a living or just exercising, but balance also figures into spiritual, mental and emotional healing, ritual and ceremony. Balance in our action and thought are considered foundational to life.

No matter how far you want to go in life, you’ll need balance, kinam. In the toltec wayEquilibrium means you take nothing as an absolute rule, so you’re free to move in the best ways for your evolution. And that, of course, speaks to the freedom we spoke of in the first life objective, Emancipation (link). So go now and


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