Create Another Reality

Make Art of Your Life

Imagination provides freedom, myth provides structure,

and you make art of it.

Something wrong with that?

Easier said than done, of course. No doubt, sisters and brothers,

no doubt.

But, so what? Most good things require effort and dedication. Everybody struggles. Is making an art of your life a good thing? Worth your attention?

Making art of one’s life certainly doesn’t sound bad. Making art of life means whether you’re a ditch digger or a senator, you make art of it to the best of your ability. Simple: make art, good things happen.

“Imagination Provides Freedom”

What has more built-in freedom than imagination? It’s there and available, even if the rest of you is in prison or disabled.

The challenge to using one’s imagination is that we’re told and messaged constantly that imagination isn’t a real thing, it’s for children to learn in school, and it doesn’t pay the rent, we’re told.

There’s not room here to get into the reputation of imagination, but truth be told, Imagination creates reality. It’s how one uses it, and for some of us, it’s how one doesn’t use it.  

“Myth Provides Structure”

Myth gives you ideas, helps you find something you like, or at least find a direction for your imagination to go. Myth comes from many places, from the human race and for the human race.

The history of myth is well-written, definitions and examples, all that. Much of literature is devoted to myth. And all that proves and records our connection to myth, but interesting that it doesn’t matter if a human knows what myth is or where to read it, all humans live myth.

Your myth can be around a national figure, a celebrity, from the past, present or future, or the myth can be the story of how your Uncle Roberto escaped the Border Patrol. Myth just happens, it’s there.

All cultures are bursting with ancient and modern myth, and we live it out every day.

“Make Art of Your Life”

Insert, infuse and ignite the life you seek with your imagination! Write it out, draw it out, plan it, calendar it, focus it, live it.


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