Are You Called?

As in Helping, Healing or Conjuring?

Are you hearing voices, seeing things that may not be there, getting information on others you may not want to know? Are you dealing with aspirations to heal, or perform magic or save the world?

Are you experiencing feelings that don’t quite fit in “normal” settings? Do you have thoughts that scare you or perhaps bring out your worst? Maybe a few weird “powers” you never knew you had?

You might have had plans to have a “normal” life, but no, no matter what, this draw pulls you to the non-normal, weird, off-the-wall, woo-woo stuff. Familiar?

Among veteran healers/magicians/spiritual servers there’s an understanding that one doesn’t really choose the work. The work chooses you.

Being creatures of reason, we wanted to understand our own strange attraction/draw, but there were so many things to consider: signs, dreams, synchronicities, visions, prophecies, ghosts, ancestors knocking, surviving major illness, saw the white tunnel, saw an alien, curses and witchcraft, slept on a spaceship, walked through a wall, and so forth.   

We needed one word to focus us, and that one word that in many ways, says it all, about everything. That word is awareness.

It’s not like being aware of the stop light or the law or the weather, or whatever obvious thing we see. No, it’s an awareness that pushes the boundaries of what most can see. Awareness like that is a dynamic, not a static event.

And just like the DNA that forms each of us, that awareness is there for a reason.

When we dealt with the “Am I called?” question, we followed our roots, studied, disciplined ourselves and hoped someone would just tell us what we should do next, someone to say go forward, or tell us to keep our day job.

To be quite honest we wanted someone to anoint us, give us a title, with a clear path ahead.

Well, since we weren’t willing to sign our lives away to any organization, cult or religion, that anointing didn’t come. It would be 20 years before our patients gave us the title we hold, curandero, and by the time it came it didn’t matter much anymore, we were so busy doing the work.

If you identify with this awareness, you might see itas a gift, or just as possibly, as a curse.

Maybe the awareness stems from family life. The ins and out of that major human survival task, family, aren’t always easy to maneuver. Maybe you saw a ghost, heard a voice, saw something before it happened…who knows?

Point is, you’re drawn to it – whatever your awareness may be – for a reason.

I know we hear that “for a reason” quite a bit, and many times, it just means we don’t have answers. However, it’s also true. The reason may be significant or insignificant, but it exists. Are you called to find it?

We know this:

Everyone has gifts. These gifts can turn to curses when denied or abused.

The gifts bestow that certain awareness, that certain knowing. Working with that awareness can become functional and useful in living your life.

The awareness itself is the calling, by its mere presence in your being. So yes, you’re called.  

The challenges of dealing with your calling are phenomenal, yet humans do it daily, win, lose or draw. While anything but easy, taking these challenges turn the awareness into gold.

Take the challenge. Embrace the question. Determine to get the answers. Use them wisely as the answers come, because they will. Like anything you already do with intention and action you get better at it.


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