Is Death an Advisor?

Of course, it is.

Everything that lives on the planet, dies on the planet. Everything, plant, animal, human, every single one of us has to die.

“We know that, duh,” many say in response, “Everybody knows that, so what?”

So what?

So, death is a singular event that every living thing on the planet has in common. So, death comes in a million manners, and it seems no one really knows when it will happen, nor how it will happen. So, we know the Event of Death is a given, on the way, day by day.


the Event of Death is a given (and on the increase these days), wouldn’t it be wise to know something about it? Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had some idea what you’ll do in your head when that moment comes, since we can’t be sure how or when it will?

In some traditional medicines, like the toltec ways, Death becomes a teacher, a mentor and advisor to many, and to a few, death becomes a place they go for answers. But these are our roots. Every People, every religion has death knowledge in some way or fashion. This knowledge is seen in the rites, prayers and practices around the event of death.    

Let me ask you this. Why do most people who have near death experiences, NDEs, and wind up changing their life, usually for a higher purpose? The Higher purpose is almost cliché among NDE stories, but from what we’ve seen, most NDE survivors and their stories are legitimate and sincere. Not hard to understand when we realize these guys spent some time in Death, whatever that place/process/moment is.

No matter our race, color or creed, death comes. And no matter race, color or creed, a belief, a way to handle it, a set of beliefs and ways to handle it, are already there, already available for those who want to know. So,

What if

you gave the concept a moment or two, if nothing else, out of curiosity. You don’t have to be and Monk or a Master. You’re qualified: you’re human and your death will come. When you place your attention on something, even for a brief moment, you’ve entered a place you can


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