Power and Balance

Is it available?

We all have some divinity within, and your first act of power was to be the single sperm of thousands that made it to womb, where the rest of the story begins.

Womb is a power, in and of itself, isn’t it? Of course, womb can’t be a power without the Male Seed part of the picture. One could say these two powers, considering the bursting population of the planet, are producing rather well, but when you look at how many fellow humans have no business being parents, well, you have to think about Balance.

The womb and male seed are major human powers. Luckily there’s many kinds of power available to us, so maybe we can use those to find some balance.

The problem with all these powers, however, is the struggle involved in actually just using them. Every human deals with this struggle for personal power.  

Power, however, requires a certain kind of balance: not a safety-aiming balance, not a frightened balance, but a courageous, motivated, dynamic balance, ready to stand, ready to charge. (This description of balance echoes the toltec way of thinking, by the way.)

With everything going on in our world, the need for balance is ever more critical. All of us, all humans, are striving in some form or fashion.

Back in the seventies a popular book named Future Shock warned about the population explosion expected by the early 2000s. It’s strange to be living all the adverse warnings from that book, yet here we are. Point is, these days, confusion is much more available than clarity.

Clarity, a personal power, is available to all humans who don’t have brain damage. It just takes a couple of other personal powers, namely breathing and bodywork to reach clarity.

It may take Study and Self-development to understand and apply breathing and bodywork. And we all know we may need Reading and Writing, those very basic human powers.

The ability to bring these powers to our aid are inherent human abilities, yet, asking a person to meditate or read a book is like asking them to eat a bowl of shit.

“Boring, too hard, no time, I hate reading, I can’t bend like that, etc., and so forth,” are the reactions, the answers and the excuses. Don’t you think it’s ironic the very powers that can help us are the least used?

In other words, the powers we do have face resistance and doubt every step of the way. Qualities/characteristics, and powers like:

  • Balance
  • Clarity
  • Breathing and Bodywork
  • Study and Self-development
  • Reading and Writing

face some pretty bad press out there. We get it from all sides, from media, family, friends.

No one can really explain why they can’t meditate, read or stretch. They can’t really explain why they won’t perform a simple act to better themselves. They just react to the suggestion, mostly in the negative.

Maybe it’s time to push through the irony, realize these powers are available to you and persist just a little.

Dear Human Being, these simple powers can make you into a dynamo. Continuous effort, another power, is all it takes. Go please, and


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