Authority Over Spirits

Do Humans Have it?

One day we woke up and realized that, here at the altar, our co-workers were, in the majority, citizens of the Spirit World, disincarnate beings.

Some are deities, avatars, saints, bodhisattvas or angels. Some are animal spirits. A few are ancestors, and some are other kinds of beings – all in harmony with our work, fortunately.

We really don’t like the word “authority,” though. These folks answer questions, heal who they can, serve without any real compensation, alert us to danger and save us from danger. We use our “authority” to foster relationships; we ask politely, we say thank you, we don’t give any orders unless we are talking about the wrong kind of spirits.

We learned that while the Spirit World is indeed daunting, we humans with a body, indeed, have rights in the Spirit World. It’s not because we’re so holy or great or anything; we have that authority because this planet is about human experience, learning and evolution. The Planet ‘r us.

We’re the ones who have to learn the hard way about living in the flesh on this sometimes overwhelmingly difficult planet. We suffer the pain and pay the rent, live the heartache, play the roles of victims, perpetrators, fools and wise ones.

Discarnate spirits, good, bad, indifferent, don’t have any of those obligations in this three-dimensional world. They’re much more interested in what we are doing to our planet, how we live and of course, how we get along.

The interest of the discarnate beings is either to help us or to devour our essence – pretty much the angel-demon thing. For good or evil the Spirit World wants to be a part of our human inheritance. How that plays out is up to us.


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