Spiritual Intelligence – Paradigms 1

What works, spiritually speaking?

Practical functionality marks the difference between superstition and spiritual intelligence.” From Raise Your Altar 2.

Practical functionality applies to grooming one’s personal power, be it in search of magic, good luck or high understanding. If it’s not functional it’s just academic. If it’s not applied knowledge, it’s pure potential. If the knowledge exists it must be useful and doable.

Seeking practical functionality does not apply only to spirituality, of course. That kind of goal runs across the board, career to community involvement, politics, and personal relationships.

Seeking practical functionality in spirituality brings a certain intelligence to the practice of spirituality. A rational approach to spirituality includes more than just faith. First it tells us we want results – to feel better, reach goals, learn something, and second, since we want to get good at it, it implies a long term commitment to the process.    

The keys to this functionality have been handed to us by all our ancestors, over the entirety of recorded time. The ancestors bequeathed us, for one, countless bodies of knowledge: conglomerates of functional-when-used information.

These bodies of knowledge range from physics, chemistry, engineering, marketing, along with all subjects within spirituality: how to reach God, how to achieve higher spiritual status, how to know yourself, how to deal with our dead, how to live a strong life, and so forth.

We have inherited countless treasures from our ancestors.

Why do you think our ancestors compiled all these bodies of knowledge? To torture students? To gather dust? To provide kindling?

The ancestors died and suffered fates worth than death for us to receive and use those bodies of knowledge.

So what are the ancestors saying?

Seeking practical functionality through a body of knowledge improves life on Earth.

They would know, huh?

Naturally, we’re bringing more Paradigms of Spiritual Intelligence. We want short snippets of a structure, a concept, a ritual even. If you have something that works on or from a spiritual perspective, we’d love to hear it and share it.

Coming Paradigms: A reader suggests that the process for magic parallels the process of art. We hope he tells us more, but it’s got us thinking. Until then,


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