One common stream in most religious teaching is the accepted concept that human beings are endowed with free will.

Works for me, makes sense.

Then, however, these same religious teachings, start telling us exactly how to use our allegedly free will. I don’t mean they teach us how to use it for our maximum evolution, unfortunately; I mean they teach us how to use our free will in the way that suits them, or their societies, or their beliefs.

Some religions – teachings, disciplines, rituals, dogma – are nice about it. They suggest better behavior. Suggestions become strongerwhen other religions go to the extreme: put you in a living hell if you don’t look, act and feel like they do.

So, what the fudge?

Obviously, it’s about obedience, and of the many models of obedience we’re fed, we’ve chosen the Sheep Model to make our point.

While we bring a religious context here, certainly, much of this focus on obedience applies to governments, corporations and other organizations that push obedience, among other manipulative agendas.   

Obedience is clearly a major topic in the Jewish, Islamic and Christian faiths, and while it goes well beyond them, the whole concept runs across the planet. Overall, the message is clear and simple, “Be a sheep.”

Let’s first admit that obedience has a place in many human endeavors and in the development of every human being on Earth. But, if our free will is being dampened somehow or subverted, isn’t that a kind of dark obedience?

I, like many of you, heard a few sheep parables growing up and, I don’t know what you heard, but the lesson was always about the obedience itself – like obedience in knowing when not to ask questions, along with simply doing as one is told without question. And of course, there was always talk about the rewards of obedience, and let me say, from my own time as an obedient sheep, they owe me.  

So yes, we got the message “Obey and be rewarded.” Later there would be questions about the “rewards,” but a sheep, really?

There’s always been excitement around Jesus, no doubt, but He was no sheep from what we’ve witnessed. It’s hard to imagine Him telling me to let my wool out a little longer, or fatten up a bit more before slaughter.

Maybe the organizations that want to herd us this way can come up with something better than the Sheep Model, if they want new members, that is.

Retrieving some of what we lost as sheep is a foundation for action at this altar – that we get back at least some of what we lost in all those generations as sheep. History shows us the fates of both the good, well-behaved sheep, and the black sheep who think differently and buck the system. We see the fates of sheep, good or bad, somehow center around wool supply and slaughter: literally in the wool business, figuratively in all other human endeavors.

Even if we don’t read or study or give a hoot about history, it’s written in our blood. Ancestors and living DNA move through all of us. all colors, creeds and globally, as well.

Confusing as it can get, we came to see it as an issue of Will. If one agrees we all have free will, then all the good and the bad in world history relates to the use and misuse of our human free will. Right?

We love the real sheep, by the way, and all they do; indeed, they are a staple of life, but it is they, real sheep, who were called to be sheep, not us.  As the most evolved beings – body, mind and soul – on the planet, do you think human beings are called to be sheep?

As the Medical Profession says, “First, do no harm,” or as Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and as Pagans say, “An’ it harms none, do what ye will.”

Sounds like these guys have a better plan than “Be a Sheep.”

After all, if you believe in some kind of Creative Absolute that gives us free will, why do you think the Absolute gave it to us? To have it manipulated by governments, religions, corporations, and other highly domination-prone groups?

As unfathomable creations of mostly latent potential, human beings have millions of ways to express and experience our Wills and put an end to humans trying to be sheep. Please, dear Readers,


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