Raise Your Altar 2

Divinity Requires Energy

All working Altars exist in Energy, Matter, Space and Time.

The energy of all these altars goes to what they believe defines Divinity. Unfortunately, some love a God of fear and anger; and fortunately, others have a more loving approach.

The humans and the spirits that work the altar determine how Energy, Matter, Space and Time manifest by their actions and decisions within these four elements.

In Raise Your Altar 1 we focused on your authority to approach divinity, on your own, in your own way. Raise Your Altar 2 focuses on creating a functional altar and it is practical functionality that marks the difference between superstition and spiritual intelligence.

You already possess these Four Elements, without any support other than your own decisions. In other words, you have the power to create and sustain an altar on your own resources.

In the spirit of true religious freedom: the proper use of Energy, Matter, Space and Times creates dynamics (as opposed to creating a pretty altar with no real or useful energy to speak of): dynamics.


How much energy are you willing to put into this? Are you willing to commit to study or discipline? The energy you contribute here is energy you already use for job, family, exercise, play and so forth. How much will you share from those activites to work your altar?

All things, including us, reduce to energy: therefore, this energy counts. We each have a finite amount of energy to play with. If you’re raising an altar you’re already thinking about better uses for that precious energy.


The altar will require a few objects and the choices are up to you. The objects will reflect divinity and indeed they are the objects that spark dynamics.

It’s not the objects that have power – those would be idols –  but objects that represent ideas and 3D realities that help you find the actual spark in the connection of Earth and Spirit.  

The acts you perform with your space, the time you give it, and the energy behind it empower this matter to perpetuate the dynamics of your altar.


Space is critical, no doubt. Where can I/should I put this? How much shelving, room, table space do I have available? How much space can I really handle properly, to make this happen in a strong way?

Your Altar takes Light into the darkness, to do righteous combat, to find the Light you need to confront the moment. That Light speaks to evolution, yours and the world around you. It makes something happen.

When that level of dynamics happens, it happens in a spiritual/mental space from within the physical space you’ve consecrated in time: in other words, sacred space


Time, like the other three elements, and like every moment of your life, offers both challenge and opportunity. You have to put time into this, maybe even cancel or reschedule some other activity.

You’ll need Preparation time, Maintenance time, Prayer/Ritual time. Whether or not it’s worth it, is strictly your decision.  

I will say this, though, an altar that hums with dynamics can stretch a minute to eternity, if and when necessary. Hint. Hint. 

One More Thing:

An Altar doesn’t have to take your last penny. Give it the best you have but don’t overdo it, rather let your work, and the combination of these four elements, bring it, make it happen for you organically, naturally.

In Raise Your Altar 3 we’ll speak to the key dynamic: Communication with Divinity. Until then, dear Readers,


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