Without Spiritual Understanding, We’ll Go Insane

Evolution Speaks

I can’t take complete credit for that title, and I can’t remember where I first heard it. I do remember the author was talking about things like the Great Awakening, the Second Coming, The Age of Aquarius, and even the Apocalypse, depending on how one refers to this time. We call it el Sexto Sol, the Sixth Sun, around here.

The author’s point: things are getting so tough, without the deeper understanding that comes from spirituality, we don’t have a chance.

I’m not sure what set of circumstances and experience led this author to feel that way, but from our particular set of circumstances and experience, we heartily support the message. If we don’t find Spiritual Intelligence we won’t know how to deal.

A natural law on our planet, becoming more and more obvious in these times, says something like this, “Whatever is created on Earth is experienced on Earth.”

We have to consider the possibility that the circumstances and experience on our planet are forcing a deeper spirituality into evolution. Indeed, the challenges we our facing in our entire third dimensional world are daunting. We face a full range of issues between climate change and racial discrimination.

We have higher than normal death rates, a very challenging global pandemic, attacks on democracy and the races, finger-pointing to high heaven and of course, fascism and racism breaking into violence.

Lots of karma in this law, clearly; something like, you do your best with good intentions, and that will, in some form or fashion, flow in your energy, whether you succeeded or not, mind you. If you cut corners with devious intentions, that also flows in your energy, whether you succeeded or not.

The Earth creates. It follows that you and I create, so whatever a soul creates on Earth, that soul must experience on Earth, right?

Before we start thinking it’s all our fault, though, let’s apply the law at a much higher level.

Our leaders, governments and religions have “created” since the beginning of history and we are living that experience now, aren’t we?

A complex issue, no doubt, but just trying to figure it out does improve karma and understanding, so as always, we urge


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