Why Are Spiritual Practitioners Called Seers?

Or What is Magic?

The work at this altar happens mostly in the spiritual, invisible, worlds that surround us. Some worlds surround us closely, like our skin or our organs, or the ground beneath us. Other worlds start right beyond that, like with the next person, or in the house next door.

The word perceptions better describes what we mean by “worlds,” but no matter, we are pointing to the limitless potential of human beings and the magnificence that is our birth right.

Of course, that’s not all there is and we have to deal with a great equalizer known as “reality” and its proper interpretation – quite pertinent to our Earth Walk.  

Our experience took us to the magic of perceptionthrough healing practices, meditation and prayer – looking inside, ourselves and others. Let me correct that: we found some of that magic, because it is truly infinite.

With time our use of the word magic transformed from the common idea of perception, which is something like opinions. We saw enough real worlds beneath and beyond the surface to realize that perception and its use are the answer to just about everything, including magic.

We came to define magic as a science we didn’t have enough vocabulary to understand. And we came to describe our routine day as perceptions engaging with other perceptions to improve things in reality.

No matter what healing ritual or ceremony we use, it all comes down to perception.  

Once you see it, arranging, adjusting and aligning perception follows many roads. Whether we heal by using the sight of an x-ray machine or the spiritual sight of an old lady from the barrio, it’s the seeing that makes the healing. Once we see it, we’re 80-90% done!

That hopefully explains a little why healers, magicians, doctors, among others, are called seers,at least in a general sense. How seers make change simply by seeing the change is a little more complex. As we worked our way here, our idea of perception took a somersault into the unknown.

In what people call imagination, we were able to perform what many would call bullshit, what others call miracles. We think it’s important to open a dialogue about these levels of perception, where imagination becomes a tool to sculpt reality.

One of the best processes we use to expand our perception is the shamanic journey. Google says, “traveling within oneself for the purpose of counseling and therapy.”

We, however, believe they’re coming up way short with that definition. We’ll talk more about the shamanic journey and perception, explain what we mean. Meanwhile, use your perception and


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