Raise Your Altar 1

Empower Yourself

What does it say about you reading an article about raising an altar? Maybe something like this?

Divine expression is worth the time and energy.

No matter what spiritual/religious background you come from, maybe you’ve decided you need that divine communication, or at least you’re thinking about it. And why not?

First, we strongly urge creating a dynamic altar.

A dynamic anything speaks to a living function, a process, something that moves: fast, slow, right, left – like life.  

An Altar reflects a belief in a mission and provides the structure, safety and strength for the journey. Again, regardless of your spiritual background, an altar enables you to worship, pray, invoke and evoke. From your altar you can use faith and action to protect and bless your home, relationships and work – healing in various forms.

The Earth is not an easy place to live right now. Human beings have sought spiritual help and favor since we were in caves.  

An altar is a place to take a breath, find private time, a setting to discover and develop plans. Raising and maintaining an altar is a group of steps and timing. That group of actions is cultivating sacred space where the practicality and power of an altar comes.

This cultivation begins with simple ritual but builds to real and functional communication with Spirit, be it the Holy Spirit, the Santos, the Buddhas or the Ancestors. That communication, through consistent effort, leads to deeper and stronger ownership of your altar, allowing you greater direction working with the energy of your altar. And that – Energy and Communication – are what altars are all about.

Second, before going forward, if, for any reason, you don’t think you have a right to raise an altar, we need to talk.

The authority to have an altar or a fireplace is written on your heart, in your mind and is standard equipment in your soul.

You have the right, perhaps the obligation, to reach out to whatever you consider divinity. If you choose to follow paths set before you, you have the right; if you want to evolve your own spirituality, you have a right. It’s between you and Creator, about what happens between your birth and death.

A tricky issue, nonetheless, the authority to raise an altar, especially for those of us who grew up believing the world’s religions are the ones who oversee and administer altars, or fireplaces or places and methods of worship.

If you do move forward on raising an altar, this issue of your right and authority will play a major role in your motivation and belief. If you know of the right and apply it, your results will be better than doubting your authority to follow your own spiritual instinct.

If we can be of any assistance to you in finding this authority, click below and ask away.

We’ve been working our altar 30 years, from spreading a bandanna with a few chosen objects to maintaining a full room with all the elements of life represented. We worship, pray, love, learn, heal, get help, give help and from time to time, we make a little magic.

Working with the energy and the matter of the altar, creating a sacred space and applying our time, we focus on creating a functional spirituality for ourselves, family and friends.

Third, our altar is composed of objects – matter – and we apply energy to these objects with prayer, proper use, placement, and so forth. Then we pour mind and spirit into space and time…

Going forward, assuming you’re signed up for emails and are interested, of course:

Raise Your Altar 2: What are the steps to effective Prayer, Invocation and Evocation? Concrete detail and suggestions with a little energy work. Then,

Raise Your Altar 3: How does one communicate with divinity? This begins the minute you put up a table for an altar, but the fine tuning requires a little more knowledge.

If you have the slightest inclination to do something like that, then by all means,


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  1. I’ve been thinking of you my friend.
    Knowing you must be doing very well
    Keep up the
    Good Work



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