Call for Writers

Authors, Poets, Artists, Hacks, Thinkers and so forth.

Buenos días, Readers, you are indeed the key to our existence, and we thank you for being here. And we have heard that most readers are, in some form or fashion writers, as well. If you’ve experienced life and thought about it, you might well have thing or two to say. Our question is would you consider publishing it here?

We want to learn from you and sharpen our experience with awareness of your experience. If you believe in some form of spirituality, and you believe we are living a major global change, and that we need to wake up, then we are interested in what you want to share.  Fiction, non-fiction, essay, poetry, lyrics, humor, podcasts; also open to art in other forms.  

We ask it be under 1000 words in the best English or Spanish you have. It can emerge from something you read here, or it can come from anywhere in you that wants a word.

We welcome your contribution. Click below for questions, and


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