The Three Counsels of Quetzalcoatl


Volumes exist throughout the world on the history and influence of Quetzalcoatl in Mesoamerica and beyond. A God, a Teacher, a Shapeshifter with oh so many names and functions, it’s almost like he’s still here, even though we see him also as a figure of the past.

There’ll be much to say about Quetzalcoatl as we go along, but first thing about the Plumed Serpent we need to emphasize is that’s he’s an originator and a leader in anything Toltec. Everything else we’ll share about the Toltec Way, in fact will have Quetzalcoatl in it, somewhere. You might call him and his dynamic a foundation of the faith.

This “man who made himself a God” left us three pieces of good advice on following this path, three counsels, so to speak. There are many, longer, more complex teachings on anything and everything, of course, but these three came to us as if we were talking to the Master after class, and he whispers to us the three secrets of making it all come together.

First Quetzalcoatl says, “Love God,” in a language where the word for God is also the word for energy. Love energy, life.

The message is to focus love in action on the divine forces that provide and drive our energy – our truest asset. Love “the one who is everywhere, yet invisible,” not necessarily a person, but the gift of life.

Next, Quetzalcoatl advises, “Be at peace and brotherhood with all beings.” In this Warrior society there was a revulsion for unnecessary bloodshed and the violence of treachery. A warrior had to know when it was proper to fight.

Peace is worth the work it takes, to live joyfully at peace is a possibility on this wide, wide Earth. Not easy, for sure.

Third, Quetzalcoatl urges, “Don’t waste time.” In the nahuatl, Amo keketsa, literally translates “Don’t hold back, don’t abandon the task.”

“Life is too short” is the message here. Use the energy of life while you have it. Be productive. Get it done.

We can’t tell you how many times our work and our study overwhelmed us.

Bringing the three counsels of Quetzalcoatl always brings us perspective.

Love life; be at peace; don’t waste time.

What’s wrong with that?


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