Make Art of Your Life

Don’t Be Fooled

Every single one of you likes art: a song, a picture, a story, a joke. Art, and the possibility of enjoying it, are simply human inheritance, built in. Even the most bitter among us knows what an art moment feels like – delicious and all yours. It’s a time to just enjoy something: to take a break from the fray,  maybe even find an answer you need.

I’m here to suggest that if art is not part of your life, that you consider giving it a place, soon. The feeling of enjoyment is primal, of course, but art, in its various forms, offers other benefits, too, like stress relief, the answer you’ve been looking for, a healing or improvement of some type or maybe an inspiration to create something!  

What other built-in human technology do you have that can save thousands of dollars in stress relief, supply good ideas and, at the same time, save your very soul?

You don’t need to earn a nickel doing it and no one has to like it. It’s for your benefit only, no matter how you make a living.

Whatever you do, don’t believe the bullshit that art is a meaningless luxury, or that it doesn’t help anything. Don’t be fooled.

You know that inside of you is much, much, more than what shows on the outside.

A big part of that is art.

It’s clear how we feel about art, but our belief and experience in art comes from an unusual source: from the finest of indigenous, Native American, philosophy and history, from among our oldest ancestors. It’s what convinced us of the critical position of art in human beings’ lives, no matter what that human being does for a living.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a highly evolved, Mesoamerican civilization known as the Toltecs. Though their reign over Mexico lasted less than a thousand years, the principles, the ways, of this civilization has influenced every Mesoamerican Civilization, and deep into Central and South America, since they flourished, circa 0 – 900 AD. The Toltecs taught us that art, while being in every way a divine gift, is actually and also a tool for better survival on Earth.

This toltec way, make no mistake, as one of the major knowledge bases for indigenous peoples of the Americas, has been and is, a tool to survive the genocidal wave that began with Columbus and continues to the present.    

The wonders of the Toltec civilization were a big secret for a long time, thanks to the alleged conquest and the politics of Spain, and also thanks to our survival instinct at keeping this dynamic construct undercover.

“A dynamic construct” is simply a plan that is working. Hiding healing and survival knowledge from the oppressor, well, just makes sense, considering what’s on the losing side of genocide. Many elements of the surviving toltec/Toltec practices, by the way, continue to be a secret, from altar to altar.  

Through the survival instinct and the oral tradition, the People and the power of the Tolteca remained available to the tribes over history, and became, as mentioned, a tool for surviving genocide.

Then the original Toltec material, that the Spanish had given away to other countries in tribute and debt, came back to Mexico, early last century.

The anthropologists of our times jumped right into the project, including, this time around, indigenous scholars. Suddenly the big secret (or parts of it, anyway) were published, distributed to the public. Scholarly work and New Age titles now fill the shelves, disseminating and promoting the Toltec Way, which promotes art in very unique ways.

Meanwhile, controversy burns among indigenous elders and leaders. Many believe this Toltequismo, Toltec Way, should remain secret, if indigenous cultures are to continue to survive, while many other elders and leaders believe the world requires the toltec knowledge for its own survival, that it’s time to spread the light. As the debate rages,

What, exactly, is it that makes the toltec way so special?

The Toltec Way, its dogma, training, discipline, all of it, boils down to one major focus: make art of life. No matter what you do – labor, war or leadership – do it with art, with elegance, panache.   

Obviously, there’s more to the toltec way, much more. Interpretations of the original texts along with the ever-evolving toltec advice and philosophy pouring out, offer a wide array of what and how, for both scholar and beginner.

We want to share some of that with you – it’s why we’re here – but today we focus on the jewel that simply makes life better: art.

For now, if you’re drawn to it, our article, Altar Makes Art, sheds more light on the toltec way. However, we’re not necessarily recommending reading and study, we’re here today simply pushing ART.

So, if you have something sweet, something that just feels good, make time for it and by all means


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