Call for Writers

Authors, Poets, Artists, Hacks, Thinkers

Buenos días, Readers, you are indeed the key to our growth and success, and we thank you for being here.  I wonder what connects us and I wonder how many of you are writers. Look at it this way. People who can write their name and fill out an application are writers, and people who are published are called writers, and in truth, writers live everywhere in between.

Our concern is what the writer wants to say, not whether the person is the proper kind of writer. It’s the writer’s palabra, her word, that counts.

If you have something you want to share, we’d love to publish it. We ask it be under 1000 words in the best English or Spanish you have. Stories, poems, lyrics, how-to articles, anecdotes and even jokes are welcome, fiction or non-fiction. It can be from something you read here or it can be far ranging into common topics. We’ll give you credit as you may require or you can go anonymous, too.

We are learning our literary standards and welcome your contribution to the evolution.


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